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Maldon Honey

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My active involvement with bees began over 30 years ago, helping my brother with his bees in the beautiful Kent Orchards.

Having lived in various Essex Villages, my husband and I moved to Maldon in 1994 and have been supplying the people of Maldon with Maldon Honey for 21 years.

The beehives are not just on one site, but on many from Maldon to Bradwell and the Bees have the free range of the Dengie peninsula, foraging on such crops as Oil Seed Rape, Echinacea, Rosebay Willow herb, Blackberry, Lucerne, Lime and various garden flowers and trees along the way.

We also have hives in the RHS garden at Hyde Hall where Maldon Honey can also be purchased.

Maldon honey - Clear

The honey is gently heated and when ‘runny’ it is filtered. The end result is a delicious clear honey.  The colour will vary throughout the year depending on the flora that the bees are working on.  Generally speaking ours is the colour of light to medium amber.  The darker the honey then the stronger the flavour.

It is said that the bees have to travel the equivalent of three times around the world in order to fill a one pound jar with honey.

Maldon Honey - Soft Set/creamed

This honey is heated to a temperature no higher than the hive temperature.  When soft and the consistency of quality fudge it is stirred with a tool like a potato masher to break down the large crystals.  The finished product is a lovely smooth honey that tends not to run off the toast so readily.


The beeswax from our colonies has been used on the ancient timbers of listed buildings in the area that are being renovated. Beeswax has many uses but I especially enjoy using it for making natural beeswax candles as the flame gives off such a lovely warm glow.

I received my formal training from two renowned beekeepers who are known world wide; Ted Hooper MBE and Clive deBruyn. I am a member of the British Beekeepers Association and the Essex Beekeepers Association and for my candle craft, The Guild of Essex Craftsmen.

We do not blend or mix our honey over the season because like good wines we like our customers to appreciate the difference between each harvest.

We are happy to answer your questions on our products.  Please note we do not give any medical advice regarding health and honey as we are not medically qualified to do so.

For swarm collection and joining the Essex Beekeepers’ Association please see the ebka website for your nearest division.

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